We’ve shared with you everything we can, from the moment the Spanish set foot in the ‘New World’, to the latest Chicano Civil Rights march, and painted for you the pictures of multiple parties, whose differences caused an outburst that would make history. Even with all that, we don’t have the complete story. There are still so many pieces of this mystery that remain unsolved: we may never know who really murdered José Diaz, or how the riots actually started.  It’s up to us to fill in those missing parts, and put together a complete story. What we do know, for sure, is that the Zoot Suit Riots were a horrible period in the history of not only our city, but our country. We now live in a different era, and have a new chance to look back and wonder where we went wrong. It’s up to us to judge what’s right, what’s not, and where things land in the vast grey area in between. All in order to find ways to avoid making the mistakes of the past. So many of those same injustices still exist in the world. Problems such as racism, inequality, and hatred affect people in so many ways, from the courtroom to the sidewalk. When the structure of our society is flawed in too many ways, it builds up, and the following generations are left to untangle the knot. So let’s prevent it now, for ourselves, for each other, and for our future.

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